At Alpine View Lodge, we see our residents as the vibrant individuals they are, each with their hobbies, interests, personality, and life experience. We proudly cultivate a lively and engaged community by providing regular and varied events, classes, and senior living activities for San Diego county residents and their families to enjoy. With this in mind, we aim to support seniors in finding enjoyment and continued personal growth during retirement. As well as offering support with daily needs like meals, mobility, hygiene, and medication reminders, we encourage active participation in life. Novelty, joy, and socialization remain as important as ever during retirement, and we believe an elder care community should expand the opportunities seniors can access.


We understand that everyone is unique, and participation in any events and activities is optional. However, most of our residents thoroughly enjoy their daily and weekly activities, thriving on these opportunities to socialize or connect with a positive influence. Holistic care is about much more than meeting basic needs. At Alpine View Lodge, we will positively encourage your loved one to engage in enriching senior living activities with our San Diego county staff, like exercise and games, that are based on their abilities as well as their interests.

Excellent Quality Care

We care about our residents in a way that goes beyond meeting their basic needs and value anything that can support their mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. At Alpine View Lodge, we’re constantly looking for new and exciting activities to offer our residents. Many of our activities are outdoors in the lovely California sun and fresh air, surrounded by breathtaking mountain views. Here is a flavor of the varied senior living activities our San Diego county facility offers daily and weekly.


      • Exercise and stretching classes
      • Nature walks
      • Games
      • Dancing and singing
      • Arts and crafts
      • Baking
      • Music
      • World events classes
      • Adult education classes
      • Ice cream socials
      • Movie screenings

    Special Events (held throughout the month)

      • Therapy dogs
      • Family barbeques
      • Social musical guest concerts
      • Local choirs and performing groups
      • Various parties to celebrate holidays