Hospice Care

Committed To Comfort

Every person deserves to spend their final days in peace, comfort, and community. We’re proud to offer a loving home where seniors with terminal illnesses can immerse themselves in life’s precious moments. Nestled within the beauty of nature and surrounded by compassionate caregivers, your relative can spend their days with the people they love most by their side. Our quality of life and comfort care services from our San Diego county facility are ready to help.

Quality of life through care

It’s understandable that families sometimes feel reluctant or apprehensive about end-of-life care. But the days, weeks, or months spent in the right hospice community can be a precious and positive experience for patients and families. We go above and beyond to help our hospice residents feel at home, alleviating their pain while providing vital physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual support. Our hospice caregivers in San Diego county offer round-the-clock bedside care and can coordinate with local licensed hospice care agencies when desired.

Every individual in our San Diego county facility’s hospice care is wonderfully unique, and we see them as beautiful and whole human beings deserving of the utmost dignity. Hospice care is not only meant to provide support for the individual, but it can also alleviate the burden and stress on family members and make the grieving process a little easier. The positive impact of exemplary hospice care on entire families makes it one of the most essential services we offer at Alpine View Lodge. We’re here to help provide the support residents and families need during a challenging time.

Peace Of Mind

If your aging parent or loved one has a late-stage terminal illness, we understand that the decision to transition to hospice care can feel complex and emotionally challenging. We would be honored to provide a peaceful environment where your beloved relative can be comforted.

To learn more about our hospice care services in San Diego county, call us, or schedule a personal tour today. Whether you’re ready now or need a little longer to decide, we will gladly show you our beautiful grounds and community, supporting you in the decision-making process.